Playboy article I was interviewed for on healthcare being a human right for all, published on 3/2/2018, the night before International Sex Workers Rights Day:


Where do you advertise?
I currently advertise on Twitter, Instagram, Slixa, Tryst, Eros & RS-AVS.ch

Do you have any reviews?
Yes, I had 81 reviews  on The Erotic Review however as per US law no one with a US ISP address can access this website any longer.

I was in the Top 100 NYC  TER list & in the Top 30-40 NYC for 6yrs.  It’s all so subjective to each person’s opinion & rather ridiculous.  I’m a human being. I’ve tried to tell you & show you who/what I am about in many ways. I am not perfect & I am not for everyone & that’s ok!  It is your job to read & see what I have presented to you for you to decide whether or not you would like to spend time with me.

My TER ID was 154266.

What do I think about reviews?

I think they are like apples and oranges...2 different things right?  It's all about perspective and expectations.  I do not expect to be everyone's cup of tea but I do try to present a fair representation of myself.  I try to create an accurate picture of who I am as I want for everyone to be happy & no surprises for either of us.  I promise you, I want to have just as much fun as you do. ;)  I've done my job of this by describing myself in detail through writing and photos.  Your job is to read these things, not just look at photos to decide whether or not it would be a positive match for us to meet on your end.  & I would encourage you to just excuse yourself politely if I am not your cup of tea vs you going through with the date only to write a bad review later ruining my income which I pay my rent & costly medical bills with.

Negative Reviews:  I had someone write a negative review about me, who by the way when I looked back at the ladies he had seen who he had given 9's and 10's to, turned out to be low end ladies who could have never modeled...EVER...had low rates, bad websites, bad photos, very short, young & thin.  (He had a "type" & they were mostly Asian massage parlor girls who charge $60/hr.) He was used to spending a lot less money so he wrote a negative review about me after booking a a whole hour date talking about how I wasn't worth the hourly rate when I state how old I am and how tall I am  in my website.  It's not my fault he cannot read.  (He came in saying: "You're so tall" several times like it was a bad thing.  I am 5'9" tall & 6'2" in heels.) Uhmmm...that's because I have modeled all of my life. He was also unhappy with my weight.  Well...I am a size 8 at 5'9" which is NORMAL & I am curvy as I state in all ads as well as my website.  I was never stick thin in all of the years I modeled professionally just like Kate Upton who is bigger than I am.  Book the date you desire with the body type, age & personality you desire.  It's that simple.  If you are looking for a 20 something sex robot with no thoughts, education, opinions or personality of her own then I'm not for you.  No one is perfect but I do try my best to accurately present a clear picture of who and what I am.

My next date was with the most famous Bollywood star there is who is also a Prince.  He booked a 6k overnight & was as happy as could be with me.  We spent a lovely evening drinking Crystal having a fabulous time.  I have many clients who are repeat clientele who I have seen in multiple cities for multiple hour engagements who don't seem to have a problem with me, my rates or my body.  They love me as I am.  They are gentlemen of quality and class. 

So as far as reviews go...It's like I said...They are like apples and oranges, 2 different things and they should be taken with a grain of salt.  It all depends upon the source.  Side Note: The only people who have ever complained have been 1hr dates who picked me apart...funny how the guys who book $2500 dinner dates with me or overnights @ $5k have never once complained.  Unfortunately the longer engagement guys hardly ever write reviews.  They do however read them.  I book dates with many C level business men who get me & appreciate me for who & what I am. ❤️

11/24/2016:  **It looks like I have to go over this YET AGAIN:  I am in my mid 30's.  I am very tall, 5'9".  I am curvy & vuluptuous.  It should come as no surprise to you that I am not 20 something & stick thin.  I book 2hr/$1k - 4hr/$2k dinner dates ALL THE TIME with gentlemen who love me as I am because some gentlemen don't want to look ridiculous when going out in public & actually like being able to have an intelligent conversation with the person they are with.  I create rapport with my dates.  If you are looking for a 1hr, 20 something, stick thin, girl with no conversational skills, DO NOT BOOK ME!  I recently had another bad experience with someone who looks like Uncle Fester, bald, fat & ugly with a huge purple birthmark all over his face write the nastiest review giving me the lowest score I have ever gotten talking about how he "wasn't on his Denver home field advantage so he had to "take what he could get".   How about not "taking what you could get" saving your money & not booking me & not waiting 56 days to write a petty passive aggressive nasty review on TER, like you just saw me the day before, talking about how I'm older and I'm curvy & vulputuous & basically talking to me was exhausting when I TOLD YOU THOSE THINGS IN MY WEBSITE & EVERYWHERE before you booked me!  I said my age, my body style & that I like to create a rapport with my date.  I think it is complete & utter bullshit that this loser gets to write this type of review & score me as such when he had all the information to make a decision before booking with me OR when I arrived could have easily said: I'm sorry you aren't my type or whatever instead of going through with the date & then being so petty & such a jerk as to wait 56 days to write this review about how awful I am & what a horrible time he had.  He ate ALL OF his dinner & he ate it twice but he hated every bite.  Oh ok. 🙄  I wouldn't have given this person a second look in real life, not only because he isn't attractive in the slightest but clearly his personality leaves A LOT to be desired.  Another caveat:  This guy booked me last minute for an 11:30pm outcall on a Friday night for a 1hr date when I have a 2hr outcall minimum & never see anyone on short notice or after 10pm but I had nothing going on that particular evening so I went out of my way to meet with this person and to drive all the way to his crappy hotel in Mt. Laurel, NJ from Philadelphia.  YOU'RE WELCOME!  Looking back I should have never agreed to meet with him in the first place when looking at his prior reviews as he's that guy who reviews ladies like it's his job & he has a type.   I am GFE & state my age, height, body type as well as my personality type.  Not my fault but it is a super shitty thing to compare me to something I am not nor did I advertise as such when this person had a whole other type he does like, which is why many of the top ladies are opting to remove themselves from TER altogether due to people being vindicative, writing ridiculous reviews or fake ones trying to ruin our reputation & income when as I have said several times before:  I book much bigger clients & dates than these 1hr guys who seem to want to pick me apart. Unfortunately the 4hr dinner dates/overnights/gentlemen I have traveled with usually do not write reviews because they don't have anything to prove, they aren't petty and they are looking for other things in a lady...but they do read reviews.  I honestly feel it might be time for me to not do anymore 1hr dates at all due to this type of low end bullshit.  It is beneath me.

Dos and Don'ts when contacting me to set up a date:

Do be a gentleman and tell me a bit about yourself.  We are all human beings here & I like to feel like I'm having a real flirty date with the gentlemen I meet with regardless of the fact that we are having a mutually beneficial arrangement between two consenting adults.  :)

Don't send me 55 emails for a date. That is insane, I don't have time for it & high maintenance looks good on no one.  Not only will you annoy me to death, you will have ruined the moment as I will no longer desire to meet with you ever.  

Don't send me a one liner saying: "Are you available?"  It's even worse when they send: "I saw ur add wana c u"  (You do realize you look dumb right?) NO NO & NO! I put a lot of thought, time & money into everything I do as well as my safety being paramount.  There are a whole range of questions that are asked and answered before I ever consider seeing anyone.  If a one liner is the best you can do...Don't!  I have really great clients who contacted me with an initial email introducing themselves like normal people do.  Besides, if I was the girl who said: Oh sure come on over to a one liner email then you should be very afraid as to what you are getting yourself into.  

Don't ask me to send you a "selfie".  I have many photos on my website of myself, both professional and candid.  I have an overall score of 9.38 ranking in the Top 50 for NYC, the largest market in the world.   I don't need to prove myself to you after I've already done all the work and you contacted me not the other way around.

Don't attempt to negotiate my rates ever...you contacted me not the other way around.  There are ladies out there with lower and higher rates than mine.  I can assure you mine are fair.  It costs me a lot of money to keep my website up to date with photos and what not as well as traveling, paying for hotel rooms, advertising, my outfits cost $4k, my upkeep as far as the way I look physically and the fact that I am a well educated, well traveled lady of class whom you can take out in public.  Make no mistake, I book lots of 4hr dinner dates with really great gentlemen who would never think to question my rates who are happy as can be with me.  When someone has the nerve to question a one hour "touring rate" when my standard rates are higher in the Northeast, well...you come off as cheap and have made the entire experience unpleasant for both of us as I will call you out on your behavior and won't be meeting with you ever.  & no there are no half hour rates....are you kidding me? 😒🔫

I despise it when someone "tells me" what to wear or asks if I get pedicures & manicures.  Wtf?!?! Yes, of course I get regular manis/pedis & have you seen my photos and reviews...?  My wardrobe costs more than many people's homes.   To top it off I have had people contact me & do just that & then they show up in their dirty old jeans & crumpled knit shirt looking unkempt. 🙄 I typically wear a black dress, Gucci or some other high end couture dress, lacy black bra, panties, garter, stockings & Louboutins/Valentino/Jimmy Choo/Sergio Rossi or some such heel.

Don't waste my time.  I don't contact you at your office to waste your time.  My time is just as valuable as yours.  I have already done all the leg work here to create a picture of who I am & what my personality is like.  You either book an actual date with me that you follow through with or you don't but do not contact me, book a date, then send me countless emails only for you to be a flake & a timewaster.  I have better things to do with my life & my time & you should as well. Ultimately all you will do is create bad feelings for both of us as I will call you out on your behavior.  Everyone deserves basic common sense decency & respect.

Sorry there are more "Don'ts" than "Dos" here guys but my boundaries have been run amok with non gentlemen contacting me.   Clearly 72 gentlemen & 1 lady have been able to contact me, set up a date, follow through with it & write a review along with even more who haven't/don't write reviews.

Do feel free to be a fun, awesome, great guy for me to be around...I'll love you for it! ❤️💋

**I reserve the right to not meet with anyone if I feel like it isn't a good match for either one of us for whatever reason.**

Are you available in NYC?
I love NYC and am essentially from there having lived half of my life there though I moved to Philadelphia recently, I am always available for a 2hr minimum or longer engagement in NYC.

Are you available for travel? 

I am always available for traveling. This is my passion. I will however have to have met you and feel comfortable enough with you to go on an adventure.  Hawaii, Alaska & Maine are the only places in the US I have not visited...yet!  I am always up for travel to Europe! I have a destination list on my wish list page.

When were your photos taken? 

All of the photos used within my website are from within the 7yrs I have been in this industry.  My photo albums are all dated.  I do 2-3 photo shoots per year which I design every aspect of, choosing the photographer, hair/makeup, location as well as using my own wardrobe and the way I want the photos to look.  I am not stick thin, I am curvy, size 10, I am not 21, I am 36, I am a former/sometimes still model who is model height standing at 5'9" tall without heels and 6'2" with heels.

I sent you a request but never heard back from you. How come?
Perhaps you haven't introduced yourself or ignored my request for references/screening or employment details. Or perhaps you've crudely mentioned the acronyms, the word "services" or requested I send you additional photos. These are the sorts of annoying and inappropriate messages I ignore. As well as any email that attempts to negotiate my rates.