Playboy article I was interviewed for on healthcare being a human right for all, published on 3/2/2018, the night before International Sex Workers Rights Day:


Where do you advertise?
I currently advertise on Twitter, Instagram, Slixa, Tryst, Eros & RS-AVS.ch

Do you have any reviews?
Yes, I had 81 reviews  on The Erotic Review however as per US law no one with a US ISP address can access this website any longer.

I was in the Top 100 NYC  TER list & in the Top 30-40 NYC for 6yrs.  It’s all so subjective to each person’s opinion & rather ridiculous.  I’m a human being. I’ve tried to tell you & show you who/what I am about in many ways. I am not perfect & I am not for everyone & that’s ok!  It is your job to read & see what I have presented to you for you to decide whether or not you would like to spend time with me.

My TER ID was 154266.

What do I think about reviews?

I think they are like apples and oranges...2 different things right?  It's all about perspective and expectations.  I do not expect to be everyone's cup of tea but I do try to present a fair representation of myself.  I try to create an accurate picture of who I am as I want for everyone to be happy & no surprises for either of us.  I promise you, I want to have just as much fun as you do. ;)  I've done my job of this by describing myself in detail through writing and photos.  Your job is to read these things, not just look at photos to decide whether or not it would be a positive match for us to meet on your end.

Book the date you desire with the body type, age & personality you desire.  It's that simple.  If you are looking for a 20 something sex robot with no thoughts, education, opinions or personality of her own then I'm not for you.  No one is perfect but I do try my best to accurately present a clear picture of who and what I am.

Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.  It all depends upon the source.

When contacting me to set up a date:

Do be a gentleman and tell me a bit about yourself.  We are all human beings here & I like to feel like I'm having a real flirty date with the gentlemen I meet with regardless of the fact that we are having a mutually beneficial arrangement between two consenting adults.  :)

Don't attempt to negotiate my rates.  There are ladies with lower and higher rates than mine.  I can assure you mine are fair.  It costs me a lot of money to keep my website up to date with photos and what not as well as traveling, paying for hotel rooms, advertising, my outfits cost $4k, my upkeep as far as the way I look physically and the fact that I am a well educated, well traveled lady of class whom you can take out in public.  Make no mistake, I book lots of 4hr dinner dates, overnights and vacations with really great gentlemen who would never think to question my rates who are happy as can be with me.

Do feel free to be a fun, awesome, great guy for me to be around...I'll love you for it! ❤️💋

**I reserve the right to not meet with anyone if I feel like it isn't a good match for either one of us for whatever reason.**

Are you available in NYC?
I love NYC and am essentially from there having lived half of my life there though I moved to Philadelphia recently, I am always available for a 2hr minimum or longer engagement in NYC.

Are you available for travel? 

I am always available for traveling. This is my passion. I will however have to have met you and feel comfortable enough with you to go on an adventure.  Hawaii, Alaska & Maine are the only places in the US I have not visited...yet!  I am always up for travel to Europe! I have a destination list on my wish list page.

When were your photos taken? 

All of the photos used on my website are from within the 8 years I have been in this industry very off and on.  My photo albums are all dated.  I do 2-3 photo shoots per year which I design every aspect of, choosing the photographer, hair/makeup, location as well as using my own wardrobe and the way I want the photos to look.  I am not stick thin, I am curvy, size 10, I am not 21, I am 38.  I am a former/sometimes still model who is model height standing at 5'9" tall without heels and 6'2" with heels.

I sent you a request but never heard back from you. How come?
Perhaps you haven't introduced yourself or ignored my request for references/screening or employment details. Or perhaps you've crudely mentioned the acronyms, the word "services" or requested I send you additional photos. These are the sorts of annoying and inappropriate messages I ignore. As well as any email that attempts to negotiate my rates.